TeleEye RA20 Series is a range of feature-rich and user-friendly 4-, 8- and 16-channel digital video recorders providing high quality video recording and playback.

TeleEye RA20 Series incorporated with advanced proprietary SMAC compression technology, to provide 60% longer recording time than other MPEG-4 DVRs. It provides multiple recording modes and full control of recording rate and picture quality.



  • SMAC compression technology
  • Up to 16 video & 4 alarm input models
  • Resolution up to 720x576/720x480 pixels
  • Recording up to 100/120fps
  • Triplex operation: simultaneous monitoring, recording & playback
  • Schedule, alarm, motion detection & recording
  • VGA output with OSD menu
  • Video footage extraction through USB flash drive
  • Compatibility with popular telemetry protocols
  • Fast & easy search for recorded video
  • Built-in web server & accessible through web browser
  • IR remote control
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Supporting VGA Monitoring
IR Remote Control