FS122 Digital PIR Motion Detector

The PIR motion Detector can detect people’s body movement within an assigned area and activate the alarm when an intruder enters or crosses its’ designated detection area. New technology is Digital PIR Motion Detector that has digital filter and A/D Converter CPU chip to output the digital data. The CPU software can detect the digital data of body weight, moving speed and moving distance within duration to confirm that there’s a real person moved and triggered alarm. Therefore, it can bypass all not people moving alarm signal. No false alarm of FS122 Digital PIR Motion Detector.

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  1. New technology is digital PIR motion detector that has digital filter and software A/D convert to output the digital data.
  2. With smart software to analyze the triggered signal lever, speed and timing of people moving, so that digital PIR will not allow other noise signal to trigger false alarm.
  3. With 3 kinds of model FS122 normal type, FS122P PET type .
  4. With a blue LED for displaying transmitter signal and low battery condition.
  5. Wide angle lens for up to 100 degrees, in 3 layers, which cover a distance up to 12m.
  6. Trimmer potentiometer for PIR sensitivity adjusts the detector range from 6 to 12m.
  7. Dual element PIR sensor and radio filter to detect signal without radio and white light noise interference.
  8. Double pulse counts detector function by jumper to setup the control CPU working.
  9. Built-in red LED for displaying walking test and zone switch which can set-up sensor zone.
  10. The detector has low battery detector function which can report to console.
  11. It has auto report to confirm on normal working.
  12. Built-in tamper switch and Swivel mounting bracket.
  13. Built-in metal shield case can bypass high power radio noise interference.



  Power Source   DC 3V CR123A Lithium battery
  Stand-by current   25uA (Max)
  Broadcast range   150M in a free space
  Working Current   8mA (Max)
  Working temperature range   -10 deg C to 40 deg C
  Battery Life   2 years
  Dimensions   120L x 70W x 45H (mm), Weight: 125g
  Working frequency   433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz


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