FS148S Wireless Siren & Strobe Lights

Wireless External Siren with Strobe Alarm sound and LED light Show alarm console working mode Two-way working with alarm console Outdoor use and waterproof APPLICATION:The FS148S is Wireless External Siren with Strobe. It can be combined with Fronti alarm console or sensor transceiver by wireless two-way communication control for increasing the panic effect. The Sirens installed in different location also can be triggered simultaneously upon the Console in the house. It can combine with all Fronti alarm console working.

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  1. Sirens installed in different location also can be triggered simultaneously upon the console in the house.
  2. Wireless plugs and DIY Design can eliminate the installation fees.
  3. Working modes: disarmed, armed and 24 hours panic alarm.
  4. LED light is indicators for alarm event status, working mode and signal received.
  5. Four LED light indicators are for alarming to flash light.
  6. The alarm will emit 110dB siren sound and LED flash for memory alarm event.
  7. Can be registered totally 20pcs ID code from the alarm console.
  8. Two-way working function that can by alarm console control working and alarm mode.
  9. Built-in back-up battery, tamper switch and power failure detector functions, it can report event to alarm console.
  10. The case housing can choose white, red or blue, three colors for outdoor waterproof use.


  Power Source   DC 9-16V 0.5A by AC adapter.
  Stand-by current   30uA (Max)
  Broadcast range   150M in a free space
  Working Current   300mA (Max)
  Back-up battery   DC 7.2V/1.2Ahr rechargeable
  Dimensions   280L x 160W x 70H (mm), Weight: 750g
  Working frequency   433.92.MHz or 869.25MHz


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