‘Home Center Lite

Extremely efficient, optimized hardware architecture,
-Ultra low energy consumption,
-Remote access via web page or mobile phone,
-Simple, user friendly interface,
-Fast and simple configuration,
-Geo localization – tracking Your family members,
-Manageable users’ rights,
-Various devices’ associations,
-Conditioning scenes depending on weather or other, user-defined variables,
-Advanced recovery system,
-System backup is always saved on cloud service,
-History of events


Home Center Lite

Home Center Lite is a super compact controller which uses a web based, feature rich graphic interface for simple programming. Control of your home is achieved through a wide range of native apps, voice control by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. When creating Home Center Lite, we applied proven solutions that we also use in the Home Center 2. Specially tailored to your needs, Home Center Lite seamlessly integrate. With a wide range of multimedia systems and has a large library of drivers for smart TV’s, IP camera, and other 3rd party devices. Suitably compact, Home Center Lite lets you manage your smart home using simple interfaces locally or remotely.

Technical Specification:

Optimized memory + fast processor = quick communication between Fibaro System devices.

ARM Cortex A8 720 MHz Processor Hardware architecture used in Home Center Lite makes Z-Wave based home automation system work much easier then ever. Radio Frequency: 868,4 MHz EU; 908,4 MHz US; 921,4 MHz ANZ; 869 MHz RU; 915 – 917 MHz IL Z-Wave Significantly improved user safety thanks to Fibar Group proprietary approach to data protection.

Each Home Center Lite has its’ own recovery system, holding system backup in cloud, unique to each gateway. This closes each system completely from unauthorized access.Home Center Lite


Exceptionally intuitive app

The user-friendly interface is extremely easy to set up, navigate and manage on a smart phone or tablet. Additionally, the visual scene builder on the web interface is very intuitive, allowing even inexperienced users to build quick simple scenes.

Home Center Lite


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